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Thanasis Karamintzios


About me



about the music


Errante means wanderer.

This music is a travelogue to places that are parts of the composer's history, as well as to places he reached only by his imagination.

The vast skies of Argentina, the cold freedom of Berlin, the unbearably charming melancholy of Budapest and a waltz on the promenade  of Thessaloniki, the most beautiful place in the world....

But above all, the road that never ends, the lane that disappears into the horizon. With the vehicle of the tango, the waltz, the song and the music that creates unforgettable images.


about the composer

Thanasis Karamintzios was born in Trikala (Greece) and lives in Athens and Berlin, where he has performed with his band ("Volksbühne", "Karneval der Kulturen" and other places), as well as in other German cities (Munich, etc.). He has also composed music for theater (theater group of the Humboldt University of Berlin).


In addition, he has performed his music in Russia ("Kozlov Club" in Moscow - voted best jazz stage in the world in 2019), Ceremonial Hall of Moscow University of Linguistics, St. Petersburg, etc. Olga Pshenitsyna, choreographer of the Bolshoi Theater, created choreographies on his music.


He also gave performances with his orchestra in Greece ("Ιanos", etc., in Athens), as well as in Thessaloniki and other cities, and in Hungary (Budapest).


In 2023 he and his band appeared in Buenos Aires ("CAFF", "El teatro fino espacio", Embassy of Greece in Argentina, UNA - Universidad Nacional de las Artes).


In 2018 he recorded his first album "Errante" in tango and waltz style. In addition to instrumental music, the album includes songs with her own lyrics, while the album is generally characterized by a cinematic atmosphere. Renowned Greek musicians performed.